Get Prints Cheap and Finance My Habit ...Please ??

This obsession is expensive - from the Nikon VR lenses to the Epson ink cartridges. I'm not begging. But if you see an image you like and would like a print, I'll send you one pretty cheap. The prints are archival quality, both b/w and color, and should last 50+ years unless you hang them in the sunlight.

Don't be fooled by the prices. It may not be much of a deal. I'm hardly in the class for limited edition prints you might sell to a collector someday, but I'd love to spread the views around and buy more paper and ink.

Getting a print is relatively easy. Tell me the slide show Name and the number of the image in its order in the gallery; for example, "Holy Cross, #5." Just send me a note and a check. Include your name, shipping address and email, the print description(s) and the size of the print. I'll put the print in the mail back to you within a couple of days. I'll send a verification of the posting date by email. If you have questions, call 210-313-7229.

8x10      or     7.5x10     -     $15.00
12x18    or     10x15      -     $25.00     + $5.00 postage and handling, any order

Mail to: David Meriwether, 14139 Vantage Hill, San Antonio, TX 78231

Email me with questions, comments, reviews - please!

David Meriwether ...photographer

14139 Vantage Hill | San Antonio, TX | 78231 | 210-313-7229


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